Roads and airports marking materials

"Color S.I.M." is one of the most qualified companies for road marking throughout Ukraine. The road marking is applied paint, cold and thermoplastic of own production with trademark "Sygnakul." Marking materials TM "Sygnakul" meet all necessary requirements and statutory regulations. If You follow all conditions, "Color S.I.M." guarantees the quality of their product that created for improving Ukraine’s road surfaces for the safety and comfort of road users.

Car refinishes program

Action line of «Color S.I.M.» includes the manufacture of materials for comprehensive repair and restores the aesthetics of Your car. Products TM «CS System» is a relatively young representative automobile paint, but it quickly gaining popularity among motorists and masters of the automotive sector. In such a rapid growth affects the competitiveness of product quality, variety of assortment, and it’s very loyal price because of location in Ukraine.

Industrial coating

Production of industrial coatings based on the complex chemical processes, like all the others activities at «Color S.I.M». Laboratory studies and permanent developments have made it possible to present a perfect product for the market. Depending on the type and destination of the material the trademark "Kolorin" guarantees over 15 years durability. The volume and power of some sectors of Ukrainian industry is impressive, and our product is an essential partner for all types of construction and restoration within this area.

vVarnishes and film formers

Production of varnishes and film formers is not popular in our country, and that is why it’s a unique manufacturing. This complex process subservient to nature has also become a human tool with the chemistry development. 

Your "Color S.I.M.", ТМ "Signakul", ТМ "CS System", ТМ "Colorin", ТМ "Korezin", ТМ "Glospol"

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