Colorin АС-010

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Kolorina AC-010
Corrosion Primer

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Binder Visokokachestvennaya alkyd-acrylic resin.
Description coating based on alkyd resins, acrylic high anticorrosive pigments. Designed to create a protective layer gruntovachnogo partial and complete repair of steel surfaces of vehicles, selhozmaS? Institute and equipment.
  1. Quick drying under atmospheric conditions.
  2. HOROS? its spreading.
  3. Resistance to moisture and salt solutions.
  4. Ability subsequent application as a two-component acrylic primer filler and alkyd enamels, alkyd, acrylic, acrylic or two-component polyurethane binder.
Color white, gray, red-brown.
DFT 60-80 microns for the two-layer coating. Determination of film thickness by the method of ISO-2808.
Mass fraction of solids 60-70% masovyh. Determined by the method of ISO-5015 or GOST 8420.
Theoretical material consumption 6,0-6,5 m 2 / liter at dry film thickness of 100 microns.

Limitations of application

Do not use a primer for stainless, aluminum or galvanized surfaces.

Surface Preparation


The surface must be clean and dry. Adequate methods to remove dirt, dust, oil and all other contaminants that can cross between? Amb adhesion layer. Bolsena? S recommend to clean the surface blasting to achieve purity Sa 21/2 PN by ISO 8501-1 (DIN 55928 T.4).
After cleaning the recommended single-layer surface treatment phosphating primer "Kolorina VL-012" to rise considerably? Eniya adhesion and elongation of the allowable time between cleaning and priming from 6 to 96 hours.

Earlier fuzz? ennye

Before applying the primer coat color? Structed surface is trimmed to the metal with? Leafs? Kurkov P100-P120 grit dry, then remove the dirt and dust.
Primer is applied to the non-removed the paint will have no effect on the corrosion-resistant metal under the old coating. Bolsena? S recommend to clean the surface blasting to achieve purity Sa 21/2 PN by ISO 8501-1 (DIN 55928 T.4).


Test Method Indicator Significance


CHANGES? Tions of the film

Matte film coating uniform

GOST 8420

The relative viscosity of the product in the form of commodities available on the Ford viscometer with a nozzle diameter of 4 mm measured at +20 ° C

115-140 seconds

GOST 6589

Milling degree

Not more than 30 microns

GOST 19007

Drying time to degree 3

Not more than 90 minutes at a temperature of +20 ° C

GOST 6806

Film elasticity in bending

Not more than 1 mm

GOST 4765

Resistance Film impact on device type "Constant U-2M"

Not less than 45 centimeters

GOST 5233

Film Hardness by pendulum, the pendulum Koniga (type A)

Not less than 0.3 cu

GOST 15140

The adhesion of the film

No height? F GT-0
No height? Th points 1

GOST 9.403

Potential chemical resistance surface at razruS? Ayuschem corrosive chemicals and solvents:

  1. gasoline
  2. water
  3. 3% solution of NaCl

at least 24 hours
at least 48 hours
not less than 24 hours

GOST 28513

The density of the product in the form of commodities supply determined at +20 ° C

1270-1320 gr. / Liter

R? instructions on application

Application vozduS? nym

To obtain a quality cover to use the spray gun with a nozzle diameter of 1.5-2.0 mm. Air pressure at the outlet: 3-4 bar. The application is made in two layers with an interval between coats 8-10 minutes.

BezvozduS? tion application

Osuschestvlyaetsya 0,38-0,43 mm nozzle pressure of 200-250 bar.


Sanding primed surface dry with osuschestvlyaetsya? Leafs? Kurkov P320-P400. With wet? Lifovanie not recommended.


Dilution for vozduS? tion spray

Before diluting the product should be carefully Move? Ing into containers to lift off the bottom of possible sediment zinc. Operating until the viscosity of 18-22 seconds by viscometer B3-4 with a nozzle diameter of 4 mm at +20 ° C solvent "Kolorina-730" to compare? Enii to 0.25 liters of solvent per 1 liter of primer.
It is unacceptable to use other types of solvents to dilute the primer.

Conditions for use



fuzz? ivaemaya surface




from +16 º C to + 29 º C

from +16 º C to + 29 º C

from +18 º C to + 27 º C

0 ÷ 80%


+10 º C

+10 º C

+5 º C



+32 º C

+32 º C

+32 º C


This product requires the substrate temperature was height? Th dew point. If the substrate temperature is below the dew point - that vypavS? S condensate can lead to the appearance of rust spots on the prepared steel surface, which would adversely affect the adhesion of the product to the base.

mode of curing at a film thickness of 40 microns

mode Sousse? ki

to touch

Dry ability from? lifovatsya

Dry deposition zaverS? ayuschego cover

Of +20 º C

1.5 hours


1.5 hours

Higher film thickness, insufficient ventilation or air temperature menS? Th than the minimum, require a longer drying time, solvent entrapment and premature paint razruS? Eniyu coverage.

Cleaning and security


Cleaning solvents to produce R646, R647 or xylene.
Straits product should be removed and disposed of in the prescribed manner.


When working in confined spaces required mechanical ventilation in the room as you work with the product, and all the time it dries. Must constantly monitor the level of compliance with the maximum permissible concentrations of solvent vapors, which is to:

Xylene 50 mg / m 3 ;

If you are not able to monitor the level of compliance MPC solvent vapors - use a respirator Filter anti-RPG-67 type A GOST 12.4.004-74 or mask type A GOST 12.4.121-83 at Exceeded? Enii MPC butanol.


Stick to the normal safety regulations when handling the product. People with improved? Ennoy sensitive skin should wear protective clothing and hand protection mark "O" according to GOST 12.4.103-83.
The implementation process of painting made in compliance with the general safety requirements for manufacturing processes in accordance with GOST 12.3.002-75. The equipment used must comply with the general safety requirements in accordance with GOST 12.2.004-91.
In the application materials should meet the fire safety requirements in accordance with GOST 12.1.004-91.

Toxic effects

When Exceeded? Enii MPC solvent vapors in the working area, they can cause dry skin, itching, skin lesions, irritation of the mucous membranes of the eyes and upper respiratory tract.
When signs of damage should immediately consult a doctor.
VysohS? Th coating film has no toxic effects on the human body.

Packaging and storage


1 l, 10l, 20l

High vspyS? ki closed cup

+29 º C

ignition temperature

+590 º C


In original packaging in a closed room at a temperature range of +5 ° C to +30 ° C and a relative humidity of 80%. R? Avoid exposure to direct sunlight.

shelf life

12 months from date of manufacture between +5 º C and +30 ° C and stored under proper conditions.

Ltd. "Color of CP?. M." does not guarantee adequate coverage quality when using solvents not approved by us.
For more information you can contact the technical support department of the enterprise.

R? nformation about the product is presented to the state in March 2008

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